Chicago Staff Band performs live in Arden Hills

The Chicago Staff Band performs live

The Chicago Staff Band performs live in Arden HillsOne of world’s most preeminent Salvation Army brass bands – the Chicago Staff Band – performed live on Saturday, Oct. 20 at North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minn. (view photos).

Hundreds came to watch the band perform traditional church hymns and time-honored Salvation Army classics such as “Joy in The Salvation Army,” “Send the Fire” and “Oh Boundless Salvation.”

Salvation Army youth perform with the Chicago Staff BandThe free concert included a special performance in which the band played with 20 kids enrolled in Salvation Army music programs in the Twin Cities and Rochester (pictured left).

Founded in 1907, the Chicago Staff Band has traveled extensively throughout the United States and world, including a performance in England for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The band also performs at colleges, prisons, and hospitals; in concert halls and on street corners; and in tiny towns and major cities.

About two-thirds of band members are Salvation Army officers (ordained ministers); the rest are students or laymen of various occupations. All share three things in common: a love and desire to serve God, commitment to the membership and ministry of the Salvation Army, and musical talent that is willingly shared in groups such as the Chicago Staff Band.


Enjoy this short video about local Salvation Army youth musicians who performed with the Chicago Staff Band.

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