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Jessica Becker and her family ring bells

Bell ringer fights for good to honor dad

Added on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Jessica Becker helps The Salvation Army fight for good.

Her husband, son and daughter help, too (pictured above). Together, they’ve been bell ringing in the northern Twin Cities suburbs for about five years, ever since her children were 3 and 4 years old.

“My children had no visible talents, hadn’t completed any schooling, and couldn’t make their beds in the morning – yet they were perfectly qualified to bell ring,” Jessica said. “In reality, we all are. We just need to be willing.”

Portrait of Roger BrunsThis Christmas season, Jessica and her family will be ringing to honor Jessica’s late father, Roger Bruns (pictured), who passed away earlier this year.

Roger dedicated untold hours to bell ringing for many years. In addition to ringing by himself, he often drove a Salvation Army van to check on his fellow red kettle volunteers.

“He is the one who got us hooked on bell ringing,” Jessica said. “He had an abundance of enthusiasm that endeared him to the communities in which he served.”

Every time Roger rang a bell, he did so with a smile on his face, no matter how cold it was.

Jessica behaves the same.

“It’ll be cold and our feet will tire,” Jessica said, “but we will look to the example set by my dad to inspire us when we start to grow weary.”

During Roger’s celebration of life, a friend stood up and challenged everyone in attendance to schedule a two-hour bell ringing shift to honor Roger and his love of helping people through the work of The Salvation Army.

Jessica hopes that many people will accept the challenge and help The Salvation Army fight for good.

“My dad’s absence this year will be sizable, but, maybe, as a collective, we can mitigate some of that loss by pledging to ring,” Jessica said. “In spite of our busy and unpredictable schedules, we have continued to bell ring each year because we have repeatedly seen just how compelling our presence next to a red kettle can be.”

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